Tuesday, September 15, 2020

 York 2020 Invictus Practical Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship

Congratulations to match winner and high LEO Greg Jordan.

High Military-Jeremy Lightner

High Senior-Nathan Tabbert

High Super Senior-Robert Barry

High Ladies and Junior-Natalie Webb

Top finishes in each class:


1st Greg Jordan

2nd Chris Scott

3rd Nathan Sypeck


1st Buddy Knight

2nd Ian Norris

3rd James McGinty


1st Kevin Neidel

2nd Todd McCartney

3rd Andy Snyder


1st Chris Webb

2nd David Olhasso

3rd Mike Stephens


1st Brett Fraser

2nd Timothy Montler

3rd Jerrod Adams


1st Grant Honecker

2nd Nathan Rettig

3rd Chris Davis

Thank you to all the staff who worked the match and everyone who helped get the stages set up and torn down. Without all of their hard work, the match couldn't have happened.

Thanks to Chris and Nancy Webb for all they have done to make the match a success.

Special thanks to Jeremy Gresham from Israel Weapon Industries-US for the use of the stage guns that I think most everyone enjoyed and all the other sponsors of the matches at York.

Paul Nowotarski

MAMGC Match Director

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