Sunday, August 1, 2021

York's Multigun August 2021 Sponsored by CMC Triggers

We will be hosting this month's Multigun Match sponsored by CMC Triggers on August 8th.  It will be 5-6 stages depending on participation and all 3 guns will be used.  We will be using slugs, rifle and shotgun slings, this match, and we do expect to use most of, if not all, of the 200 yards available on the rifle range.  The match fee will be $25 -$30 depending on the number of stages. 

The match day schedule is as follows: 

7:00 finish set up (help is always appreciated) 

8:00 registration begins 

8:30 registration ends (anyone arriving after 8:30 is a spectator) 

8:45 mandatory match briefing 

9:00 shooting begins 

The divisions are as follows:

3 Gun Tac Ops 

3 Gun Limited

3 Gun Open                    Not point series eligible              

2 Gun Pistol/Rifle           Not point series eligible

2 Gun Pistol/PCC           Not point series eligible

2x4                                       Not point series eligible

The link to practiscore is  Don't take too long to sign up.  We do have a maximum number of shooters we will take for each of our matches and we do expect the matches to fill quickly.  Conversely, don't sign up if you don't intend to shoot, and if something comes up and you're not going to make it please let us know as soon as possible.  The Thursday before the match at midnight is the cut off for backing out without penalty.  People who persist in not showing up after signing up will not be invited back.  We want to benefit as many shooters as possible this season.

Chris Webb


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