Thursday, October 28, 2021

Special event! Night Shoot November 6th!

On Saturday, November 6th, I will be running a night falling steel shoot, using the Nov 7th FunShoot setup in the back pits only. We did this a few years ago and it was a blast! The cool part is you can shoot it again Sunday in the daylight for a comparison. The difference is interesting.

 You MUST pre-register for this event by emailing, We need to have a handle on the number of shooters, as York Cadre will be imbedded with each squad as RO’s. We will be pre squadding, let me know if you have requests.

There will be some ambient lighting, but the targets will be in the dark, so night vision and flashlights will be needed. Headlights can be employed at the firing line only, no headlights while wandering about the range, they blind folks.

There will be no movement required, and guns will be PCC and handgun, you may bring both, but only one per stage.  In deference to our neighbors, suppressors are highly encouraged.

Long guns must be flagged and either cased or carted.  We will be doing double safety clearing of handguns which must be holstered or cased.

Setup for this thing will be Saturday afternoon, Nov 6th at 4pm, we will start sign in at 5:30-ish and shooting by 6:15 or so. I expect this event to last about an hour, maybe 90 minutes.

The size of this event will be determined by the setup crew that shows up. Remember we will be piggy backing on the FunShoot, so please help out.

The cost is $20.


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