Sunday, October 26, 2008

Carbine option?

Some of you may have noticed that the match schedule lists our November 9th match as a 7 stage pistol with a carbine option. What this means is that it is a standard 7 stage pistol match and it will be about 150 rounds. OR you may elect to use a pistol caliber carbine (no 223, 7.62x anything, or M1 carbines) to shoot the pistol stages.

This actually has no effect on the pistol shooters. We merely have alternate start positions, and some other options available on each stage for the carbine shooters. We have Open, and Limited divisions and will do payout for each like we do the pistol divisions if we have the required number of shooters.

Shooting the carbines is great fun and if you have one you should try it. It's really cool to see some of the stuff that comes out. 9mm ARs are most popular, but there are always some HKs, a Tommy Gun or two, some Mech Tech conversions, and some strange things as well. UZIs and MACs are good too. Get some of your weirdness out of the safe. It's the last match of the year. Carbines are excellent practice for rifle matches and they're generally cheaper to shoot than rifles. It is OK for more than one person to share a carbine. If you don't have one, but your buddy does, see if he'll share.

It is permissible to use suppressed carbines, and it is OK to use select fire weapons on semi-auto. I'd let you shoot full-auto, but it is against range regulations. The only problem with suppressed weapons is getting the timers to pick up the shots. Maybe if you used super-sonic ammo?

I normally squad the carbines together, but I'm thinking about distributing them among all squads to get maximum exposure among the pistol shooters, thus creating more interest in them. Leave a comment if you think this is a good or bad idea.

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Anonymous said...

Spreading us out should help gain interest in the carbines, but it is gosh awful fun to "run with the pack". I like to see the new toys too. I would prefer keeping us together. Should keep the complicatin of different starts and distances and such to a minimum as well.