Friday, October 29, 2010

Round and stage count

Sunday's weather forecast looks great, and we're currently at 50 shooters. Kirk has decided upon 6 stages and 5 strings on each. Therefore the minimum round count will be 150. Keep in mind that is the minimum required. Many of us will shoot 200 and some of you may need 250 if you're being sloppy. Bring plenty of ammo.

We will have hot dogs and drinks available for purchase.

Set up will begin at 8:30am. Registration will be from 9:00am until 9:45am and we will have a quick match briefing at 9:55am. We will begin shooting at 10:00am and should be finished around 2:00pm. We'll ask all of you to help put the steel away real quick and we'll have results ready by the time that is done.

Please drive slowly in and out the lane.

Thanks, and see you Sunday


Russell said...

150 rounds??? seems kind of light.

i'll be here:

8 stages...438 rounds!

Howard C. Thompson said...

That's 438 minimum. I'm sure you'll shoot a lot more than that. Hell, you probably would have used 438 for 6 Steel Challenge stages here.

Russell said...

that's unfair, and untrue. i'm certain i could finish the 6 steel challenge stages with 300 rounds.