Saturday, October 23, 2010

Steel Challenge

On Sunday, October 31st we will be hosting a Steel Challenge at the Izaak Walton. We do not know the number of stages or minimum rounds required for this match. We will wait and see what the weather is like and make that decision. Expect 5 -7 stages and between 100 and 200 rounds required. I know that's pretty broad but we will be fine tuning it as the week goes on and planning on shooting as much as the conditions dictate. We're hoping for weather like today.

The fee will be $20 per gun, and you may shoot 2 guns max. At least one of the 2 guns must not require a holster if you are shooting 2, and if you are doing that you must have enough mags that you don't have to reload between strings.

We will be recognizing as many different divisions as required by the stuff you bring. The only limitations are: Guns must hold enough ammo to complete the strings. They must not damage our steel. 1350fps max. 150 power factor max. Centerfire handguns start in a holster. Rimfire handguns and all rifles or carbines start at low ready. Any kinds of sights are OK. We will have divisions for scoped and irons for all kinds of guns.

We will be paying by USPSA classes. SCSA hasn't fixed that yet, so we're going to. We want everyone to have a chance to win. Divisions with more than 5 shooters will pay $30. All classes in all divisions with more than 3 shooters will pay $20. Those of you who shoot York know we pay liberally.

Set up will begin at 8:30am and we'll need some help. Registration will begin at 9:00am and close at 9:45am

Shooting will start at 10:00am.

To pre-register or ask questions email us at:
Let us know what division(s) you are shooting, your USPSA #, and anyone you would like to be squadded with.

Email invitations will go out tomorrow. You get a head start for keeping up with the blog. Check back for more info and updates.

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