York's first Falling Steel Match is announced!

On October 14th and 15th, York will be hosting our first Falling Steel Match. The match will be a half day format, and consist of 6 stages of 25-35 falling steel targets each. There are 9 gun categories, as well as team options, and you can shoot more than one time slot with the same or different guns.

Think FunShoot on steroids and on the clock!

For more details and the application, go to http://tinyurl.com/York-Falling-Steel

Friday, August 5, 2011

PA State Steel Challenge Results

Checks will be mailed tomorrow. Sorry about the delay. I've been very busy.

McGinty James Lim M 84.29 $130
Olhasso David Lim GM 98.96 $65
LaBrocca Rich Lim A 101.16
Zengewald Zachary Lim B 105.37
Paterno Stephen Lim C 136.34 $65
Berger Brian Lim B 136.46
Curran Gerald Lim C 154.91
Velasco Gerry Lim C 157.85
Jones Ron Lim C 164.07
White Darryl Lim C 178.78
Lineberry Benjamin Lim C 201.04
Levenhagen Tom Lim C 230.32
Sessions Jay Lim D DQ

McGinty James Open M 84.43 $130
DiGennaro Mike Open GM 84.69 $65
Thompson Ben Open M 86.34 $65
Zengewald Zachary Open B 96.09 $65
Nonaka Tori Open A 97.65 $65
LaBrocca Rich Open A 97.81
Campsey Scott Open A 102.55
Lara Louis Open M 103.41
Piscitelli Victor Open M 105.04
Berger Brian Open B 111.82
Gottlieb Michael Open B 119.20
Fortney Russell Open M 119.87
Parsons Gary Open B 126.89
Missimer Jerry Open C 159.31 $65
Migliaccio John Open A 162.22
Leatherman Jed Open C 171.94
Muncini Rober Open C 183.49
Greeley Kevin Open B 183.78
Parsons John Open C 212.74
White Darryl Open C DNF

Seivert Travis Prod C 126.01 $130
Minnich Dave Prod B 137.82 $65
Lara Lucito Prod B 138.51
Stephens Michael Prod B 141.76
deGuzman Miguel Prod C 142.60 $65
Leeber Rodney Prod A 143.07
Mease Steve Prod C 143.31
Rhee Bernie Prod C 157.36
Sedlar Rick Prod D 162.86 $65
Stauffer Jim Prod C 170.96
Williams Dave Prod D 188.72
deGuzman Jade Prod C 194.96
Spangler Bob Prod D 236.33
Yoder Earl Prod D 242.29
Hankey Lee Prod D 286.45
Yoder Jennifer Prod D 436.99
Nonaka Arron Prod B DNF

Olhasso David RevI GM 97.33 $130
Greeley Kevin RevI B 152.06
Bacus Tim RevI M 153.94
Wilczek Mike RevI C 170.75
Bacus James RevI D 188.37
Cross Tom RevI D DQ
Olhasso David RevO GM 91.95 $130
DiGennaro Mike RevO GM 96.55
Belz Chuck RevO B 118.28
Piscitelli Victor RevO M 129.83
Leatherman Jed RevO U 134.24
Noel Earl RevO U 163.28

Jordan Greg RimI GM 68.83 $130
Shanholtz Brian RimI B 94.07 $65
Wills Jesse RimI B 108.19
Cooper Mark RimI B 109.05
Paterno Stephen RimI C 116.34 $65
Migliaccio John RimI A 117.91
Zapf Rick RimI C 160.63
Menezes Cassio RimI C 167.26
Wise Chet RimI D 211.11

Campsey Scott RimO A 62.57 $130
Orent Robby RimO A 68.18 $65
LaBrocca Rich RimO A 70.61
McGinty James RimO M 75.37 $65
McWilliams Kirk RimO M 81.74
Minnich Dave RimO B 83.18 $65
Nonaka Tori RimO A 86.48
Gittings Kent RimO B 91.02
Lara Louis RimO M 91.35
Hearne Bill RimO M 93.92
Thompson Howard RimO M 95.39
Paterno Stephen RimO C 101.75 $65
Bacus Tim RimO M 101.86
Vansant Jacob RimO B 111.58
Jordan Angela RimO C 121.06
Seivert Travis RimO C 128.37
Hearne Will RimO C 136.83
Jordan Jerry RimO D 142.30 $65
Muncini Rober RimO C 144.13
Bacus James RimO D 160.04
Wills Lee RimO C 163.31
Ohnesorge Lenira RimO D 219.59
Missimer Jeremy RimO C DQ

Jordan Greg Car GM 66.34 $130
Stephens Michael Car B 75.12 $65
Shanholtz Brian Car B 75.84
McWilliams Kirk Car M 80.73 $65
Hearne Bill Car M 85.70
Bacus Tim Car M 97.77
Gittings Kent Car B 110.86
Wills Lee Car C 111.58 $65
deGuzman Miguel Car C 111.92
Menezes Cassio Car C 118.49
deGuzman Jade Car C 121.20
Paterno Stephen Car C 122.55
Zeigler John Car C 137.01
Missimer Jeremy Car C DQ
Curran Gerald Car C DQ

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