Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Falling Steel Shoot updates and procedures

Wow!  This thing is more popular than I imagined.  The 10:00am slot is full and there are only a few left at 1:00pm.  There are a lot of new shooters and this is a little diferent than our normal matches so I though I'd go over how this match will work Sunday.

Please be at the ranges at least a half hour before your assigned time slot.  When you get to the club you may park over around the shooting pavillions or in the grass by the driveway.  Gather up your unloaded, cased gear and walk over to the little building under the pavillion between the rifle and pistol range and get registered.

Registration will entail paying your entry fee of $10 per time slot, paying $2 each for chamber flags for your long guns if you don't have them, seeing what squad you are on and finding out where you will begin shooting, and collecting your score sheet if you want one.

Chamber flags are now mandatory for long guns at all York Izaak Walton matches.  If you don't bring them you must purchase them.  You will use them for the duration of the day any time you are not engaged in a course of fire even if they are in a case or on a cart.

After registration you should fill out the parts of your score sheet that you can, and get your gear prepared.  You may load magazines and put your holster on under the pavillion but you must only handle your firearms at the SAFETY AREA. You may not handle ammunition at the safety area for any reason.  There will be 2 safety areas for this match and they will be marked as such.   One will be on the other side of the white trailer and one will be in the back pits.  Safety areas are the only place you may handle your firearms all day unless engaged in a course of fire.

15 minutes before your assigned shooting time you should be paid up, geared up, have your score sheet filled out and be waiting under the pavillion for the match briefing.  I will call your attention for the match briefing and say a few words about the match and send you out to shoot with your squads.

Please keep your squad together and help reset the steel, run the timers and clipboards.  We will have a full house so everyone will need to be cooperative.  This match should be a lot of fun but we need your help.

Keeping score will be optional for this match.  There are no payouts so there is no pressure.  We will however be using timers for everyone.  First as a start signal. and secondly as a time limiter.  You will have one minute on each stage to hit all the steel you can.  When the par beep goes off at 60 seconds if you are not already finished you must unload and show clear and the course of fire is over.

There will be written walk-throughs or stage briefings on all 4 stages.  Each walk-through will have several options for the different kinds of guns and combinations.  If you are writing down your scores please abide by the walk-throughs so we can have a fair comparison of scores.

If you are shooting a long gun you must carry it between stages in one of the following manners:  In a case.  On a cart designed for carrying long guns.  On a sling muzzle up or down.  You must have a chamber flag in the long gun regardless of carry method.

This will be a lost brass match.  There will not be time to pick up brass between shooters.  There may be an opportunity to pick up brass at the end of the day.

You may change divisions or guns up until the time you begin shooting.  Just write it on your score sheet.  You do not have to email me to change beforehand.

A lot of shooters are signing up for Production pistol.  That's cool, but remember that Production will have a 10 rounds per magazine limit.  If you have a Production pistol and want to load up your magazines you may sign up for Limited and do so.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.  See you Sunday, Howard


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