Sunday, February 12, 2012

What a great day!

Thanks to all of you who came out and enjoyed the day with us.  Results will be on our website with stage results.  I'll let you know.

Name Gun(s) Division Total
Kirk McWilliams Carbine Limited 157.92
Gary Swope Carbine/pistol Tac Ops 115.76
Bryan Charboneau Carbine/pistol Tac Ops 116.42
Jim Sheehy Carbine/pistol Tac Ops 128.45
Mike Weiss Carbine/pistol Tac Ops 141.42
Ben Deroner Pistol Limited 0.00
Mike Stephens Pistol Limited 151.20
Jay Sessions Pistol Limited 154.92
Walt Romaniw Pistol Limited 177.53
Mark Cooper Pistol Limited 185.27
Greg Senft Pistol Limited 193.76
Tom Ordille Pistol Limited 208.74
Mike Collingwood Pistol Limited 247.43
Tasha Kearney Pistol Limited 265.75
Gary Rowe Pistol Limited 268.02
Kyle Ordille Pistol Limited 354.21
Brian Shank Pistol Open 120.20
Leonard Perry Pistol Open 146.68
Jerry Missimer Pistol Open 152.50
Jim Fort Pistol Open 276.42
Mike Shulo Pistol Open 372.79
Fred Pickard Pistol Open Rev 163.30
Tom Olewine Pistol Open Rev 190.80
Patrick Foley Pistol Open Rev 218.36
Bernie Fallert Pistol Pro 0.00
Lee Hankey Pistol Pro 0.00
Rich Poole Pistol Pro 0.00
Casey Dudeck Pistol Pro 114.42
Tom Gallup Pistol Pro 197.51
Ken Smith Pistol Pro 199.98
Logan Brown Pistol Pro 207.71
Marty Kalister Pistol Pro 211.20
Sean Horning Pistol Pro 217.56
Adam Cavanaugh Pistol Pro 245.75
Jim Sevick Pistol Pro 252.90
Fred Zimmer Pistol Pro 256.94
John Lerch Pistol Pro 265.64
Paul Scarborough Pistol Pro 284.20
Bob Whiteford Pistol Pro 310.22
Phil Matte Pistol Pro 314.82
Bob Spangler Pistol Pro 335.37
Sophia Kapranos Pistol Pro 494.23
Steve Paterno Pistol SS 161.46
Gerry Velasco Pistol SS 196.37
Roger Pederson Pistol SS 271.92
Chet Wise Pistol SS 318.06
Rick Zapf Pistol SS 328.62
Kraig Baer Pistol  Pro 236.24
Jeremy Missimer Shotgun Limited 178.85
Matt Nagel Shotgun  Limited 0.00
Howard T. 2nd run Shotgun/pistol Limited 88.64
Howard Thompson Shotgun/pistol Limited 95.47
Chris Martin Shotgun/pistol Limited 99.38
Dean Deturk Shotgun/pistol Limited 108.41
Mike Stephens Shotgun/pistol Limited 141.66
Jim Sheehy Shotgun/pistol Limited 164.77
Dave Stephens Shotgun/pistol Limited 189.19
Kirk McWilliams Shotgun/pistol Limited 202.96
Jeff Hoge Shotgun/pistol Limited 205.86
Paul Krick Shotgun/pistol Limited 319.17
John Migliaccio Shotgun/pistol Open 101.96
Gary Parsons Shotgun/pistol Open 117.65
Dave A 2nd Run Shotgun/pistol Open 121.37
Dave Albanese Shotgun/pistol Open 138.81
Dave Williams Shotgun/pistol Open 213.29


Rob said...

Full results are posted on our webiste:

Jlerch said...

Had a great time, can't wait to do it again!

jerry missimer said...

my kid and our shooting buddies had a great time sunday . thanks york guys.