Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Team Multigun Stages

The stages for the Spring Team mulitgun are now available at  There may be some small changes but these are pretty close to what you can expect on match day. 

We have also picked up Lancer as our Match sponsor.   Check out their products when you get a chance at  They build the finest magazines available, really cool carbon fiber handguards and they have expanded into building awesome entire rifles, and really trick shotgun magazine tubes as well.

We have now have Shooter's Connection as a stage sponsor.  They have about anything you could want for shooting.  Check out their website at

Uniquetek is also sponsoring a stage.  They make and sell a lot of really cool accessories including the clay bird clips we use.

Our other stage sonsor will remain a secret until match day, but you are going to love them I promise you.

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