Sunday, July 15, 2012

Colt 3 Man team series.

Many of us from York just returned from Peacemaker NTC, and the final event in this years Colt 3 Man Team 3 gun.  I must say, York was well represented in the winners circle.   Dean put on a mighty nice series, and hats off to him and his crew.  The shoots were challenging and fun.  He also made sure no one went home empty handed from the prize table.  He had some VERY nice prizes indeed, from guns to trigger groups to reloading gear and about a million mags.  And with a little help from his friends H & M, even the rebel without intelligence last minute conversion to outlaw rediculous open team, went home with a prize pile.

Many thanks to Dean, Matt and all the guys at TAPS!

Well done.


Jeremy M said...

We RO'ed and shot with the Open Team, great bunch of guys.

Gary S said...

Thanks Jeremy, you guys are the best. And apparently Jay does bounce! Glad he survived that one and continued to shoot, with style!

We would RO/shoot with your team anytime.