Sunday, July 8, 2012

PA State Challenge Completed


Thank you to all the shooters who showed up for a great "hot, very hot" match this weekend. Without the shooter support these matches wouldn't continue. I would like to personally thank the hard working RO's, scorekeepers and registration personnel for a GREAT job well done. Again, thank you to all the individuals who stayed after the match for tear down and clean up.

Planning to have scores posted Monday night if the webmaster cooperates.

Kirk McWilliams


TOM L. said...

Thank you Kirk for our success with the match. Great job! THANK YOU

Jim Sevick said...

Nice Job Kirk and everyone who helped setup and take down. Very well run as always!

Anonymous said...

Great Match Kirk! Thanks.

Can you (or someone else) post a link to last year's (July 2011) match results? I searched and couldn't find them.

Kirk M. said...

2011 PASSC results link: