Monday, February 11, 2013

Rules and Scoring Quiz 1

Here is my first rules and scoring quiz.  This is a short self-graded test that will help you familiarize yourself with the rules and scoring that we will be using at York Izaak Walton and the 2013 FNH Championship in September.  My intent is to post a quiz for you every two weeks or so until we know these rules inside and out.   It will help you as both a shooter and a staff member to take these quizzes.

The link to the rules we will be using is You should print yourself a copy to use for the quizzes and to have for future reference.

The scoresheets we will be using at York this year will be the following: and  It would probably be helpful to print each of these for the quizzes and to be familiar with them for our matches at York.  The scoresheets for the 2013 FNH will also be similar.

I will post the questions below and the answers in the comments.  Be honest.  Try to figure them out for yourself using the rules and scoresheets.  If you have a question or need more detail email me or ask in the form of a comment.  Good luck, H-

1. You happen to look back and notice a competitors child doesn't have their eye protection on.  Should you say something?

2. A competitor doesn't like the Range Officer's decision on a given call.  He asks the Chief Range Officer for their opinion and they agree with the Range Officer.  The competitor then appeals to the Range Master who says the RO's ruling is correct and the correct penalties have been applied.  Is there anything else the competitor can do?

3. A competitor's handgun falls out of his holster during the course of fire.  You know it's not loaded because it was unloaded at the start, and he was shooting rifle first and when he got up from prone it tumbled out.  What should you do?

4. What is the required power factor for Tactical Optics division?

5. A competitor shoots a stage and although he has all the required hits up until the last position which is the only place he can see the last two handgun targets and he doesn't have enough ammo to engage them and does not.  The timer shows 61.01.  What is his total time?


Howard C. Thompson said...

1. Yes, gently point out that eye protection is mandatory for everyone on the range. Rule 1.1

2. Yes, 10.1.4 allows the competitor to appeal to an arbitration committee.

3. Stop the competitor (rule 2.5) and issue a Match Disqualification (rule 2.5.1) It doesn't matter if the gun is loaded or not.

4. Trick question. There is none. Rule 3.1 simply states that 9x19 or larger must be used.

5. Raw time 61.01 plus two 15 second penalties for unhit targets that were not engaged = 91.01 total time.

Kevin Downing said...

In #2 is the competitor challenging the scoring of targets? Is the competitor challenging a safety ruling? If a safety ruling is he challenging the fact that the infraction was made by the shooter or the fact that it was a safe action or not a safe action?

Jlerch said...

@ Kevin - as far as I know it doesn't matter if its a scoring issue or a procedural. If the RO makes a call and the shooter does not agree the shooter can keep appealing to higher officials until he gets to the top then an arbitration would happen.

At least thats the way I interpret the rules.

Kevin Downing said...

10.1.2 Access
Protests may be submitted for arbitration in accordance with the following sections for any matter except the actual scoring of targets. However, protests arising from a disqualification for a safety infraction will only be accepted to determine whether or not an infraction as described by the range official was in fact unsafe. The commission of the infraction may not be protested.

This is the only reason I asked the question.... Maybe I interpreted it wrong but to me it says that actual scoring of target can not go to arbitration and the actual committing of the in safe act can not go to arbitration

Just asking.... I'm not very experienced and like to learn

Howard C. Thompson said...

Let's say it's a procedural.