Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Time Plus Scoring Quiz for your enjoyment

I sent this quiz to the FNH ROs today.  Some scoring problems you may encounter. I'll put the answers in the comments.

A. On stage 1 Competitor A only loads 4 slugs in his shotgun.  He fires all four at the first 3 slug targets to get the required hits on them.  When he gets to the 4th slug target he fires shot at it.  He does not load more slugs and never re-engages that slug target.  He finishes the stage with a raw time of 89.45.  What is the penalty if any for the target he never hit with slug, and what is the total time?

B. On stage 2 Competitor B finishes the stage with a raw time of 65.11.  All steel is down.  Upon checking the paper you find 3 of the targets have only one "C" hit each, and one of them has only one "D" hit.  What are the correct penalties and total time?

C. On stage 3 Competitor C engages on of the steel targets with shot and it turns 90 degrees but does not fall.  He re-engages it 3 more times but can't get it to fall.  He chooses to leave it and finishes the stage in 55.87 seconds.  What is the penalty if any, and the total time?

D. On stage 4 Competitor D chooses to lean beyond the fault line and use one of the hay bales for support while engaging the clays.  He gets all his hits and his raw time is 34.30 seconds.  What is the penalty if any, and total time?

E. On stage 5 Competitor E never shows up to shoot at all.  He does complete the rest of the match and has not been DQed.  What will his time for this stage be?


Howard C. Thompson said...
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Howard C. Thompson said...

A. The slug target was not engaged with the proper round and therefore is an "un-hit target that was not engaged". The penalty is 15 seconds, making his total time 104.45.

B. All 4 of these targets incur a 5 second each for "failure to neutralize". 20 seconds are added for a total time of 85.11.

C. All steel must fall to score. The penalty is an "un-hit target" and a 10 second penalty. The total time is 65.87.

D. One procedural per shot fired because there is an advantage gained times 9 targets earns him 180 seconds in penalties for a total time of 214.30.

E. 500 seconds.

Gary S said...

I got 'em all! Yay!

I will share my awesomeness at the next York match......