Sunday, September 29, 2013

FunShoot results

We had a great day, with about a dozen new shooters, and half of them walk ons.  Many thanks to all of you, we worked as a team and helped everyone thru, it was a great day on the range.

Here are all of the complete scoresheets I have.  There were several that missed a stage, so I couldn't guess. Email me with any corrections at

See you next month!


Iron Auto for points
Craig S 750
Chet W 430
Scoped Revolver for points
Greg L 670
Auto handgun for time
Lee H 253.52
Randy T 293.65
Brian T 570.34
Handgun shotgun
Mike S 147.78
Tom L 252.15
Handgun Carbine
Robert G 145.72
Brian H 236.83
Chris S 289.85
3 Gun
Johnathan C 141.19
Bob O 248.87
Unknown for points
Mike B 395

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