Friday, October 11, 2013

Do you ever cancel Action Matches?

We never have.  Although we did quit in the middle once because of a monsoon-like rain.  The only time we would cancel an Action Match would be for dangerous weather.  Lightning or tornadoes, maybe a flood or heavy snow.

We are not likely to cancel this weekends match.   The rain is supposed to let up and set-up Saturday, and the match on Sunday should proceed as usual.

You should always check this site before driving to our match, just is case we would have to cancel or there is other information you might need to know.  In the event we would cancel I would do so no later than 3:00 am.

Things to be aware of for this match:
- 3 slugs minimum will be required for shotgun/rifle in front pits
- a sling for rifle will be required on rifle/shotgun in the front pits
- there may still be some standing water so bring boots

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