Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oktobree All Hallows FunShoot

This event is now full, registration is closed.  

If you did not get a confirmation, you are on the wait list, if you feel you should have and I missed you, drop me a line.

Here it is October again, and the closing FunShoot of the year, will be this Saturday the 26th, we will be taking Nov and Dec off.

SO! Spooks and goblins, and maybe a few Zombies have infiltrated the pits at York IWLA, we need to fight them off and defend the homeland!  Come incognito so you can infiltrate their ranks

Ok, maybe not so dramatic, but you get my drift.  We will be having a costume FunShoot, complete with spiders, spooks, gosties a plenty, and a zombie or two for good measure.  Come in firearm safe costume and add to the fun.

This shoot will be heavy on the steel, both shootable and not, so be prepared for accuracy, there will be 2 wheels, a plate rack, lots of hiding poppin ghosts, and bobbin apples.  Throw in the odd Zombie or two (simulated) and black clays, and even a small haunted house..........did I mention costumes?

This will be a 5 stage shoot, held in the back pits only, and will be limited to standard caliber handguns, OR standard handgun caliber carbines only (yes .22lr too) , there will be no multigun option.  Scoring will be straight points, time or IDK, with only 2 divisions, pistol and carbine, no subdivisions within those.

Registration will start at 8 at the back shed, shoot brief at 8:45 and shooting shortly after 9 am. Fee is $15 for big spooks, $5 for little ones.  Since we are in the back only, I am limiting this shoot to 45 shooters only.

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Joseph Hagan said...

Looking forward to it!