York's first Falling Steel Match is announced!

On October 14th and 15th, York will be hosting our first Falling Steel Match. The match will be a half day format, and consist of 6 stages of 25-35 falling steel targets each. There are 9 gun categories, as well as team options, and you can shoot more than one time slot with the same or different guns.

Think FunShoot on steroids and on the clock!

For more details and the application, go to http://tinyurl.com/York-Falling-Steel

Monday, December 9, 2013

2014 Schedule

The 2014 schedule is out!  Keep in mind everything is very tentative in January through March and anything is possible.   Don't come to the club without checking this blog first.

Jan 12, Sunday, Action Match
Jan 25, Saturday, Fun Shoot

Feb 9, Sunday, Block Shoot
Feb 22, Saturday, Fun Shoot

Mar 9, Sunday, Action Match
Mar 22, Saturday, Fun Shoot

Apr 13, Sunday, 3 man multi-gun
Apr 19, Saturday, Fun Shoot

May 18, Sunday, Action Match
May 24, Saturday, Fun Shoot

Jun 7 & 8, two day  Multi-gun
Jun 28, Saturday, Fun Shoot

Jul 13, Sunday, Action Match
Jul 26 & 27 Colt 3 man 3 gun Topton PA
Jul 26, Saturday, Fun Shoot

Aug 10, Sunday, Action Match
Aug 23, Saturday, Fun Shoot

Sep 14, Sunday, Blasphemous Steel
Sep 15-20 FNH Multi-gun Championship
Sep 27, Saturday, Fun Shoot

Oct 12, Sunday, Action Match
Oct 25, Saturday, Fun Shoot

Nov 9, Sunday, Action Match
Nov 22, Saturday, Fun Shoot

Dec 14, Sunday, Action Match
Dec 27, Saturday, Fun Shoot

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