Thursday, January 16, 2014

Block Shoot February 9th

On February 9th we will be hosting a block shoot at York Izaak Walton.  This is the normal date of our Action Match so if you're a regular you should come shoot this with us. A block shoot is also known as a turkey shoot, or dead mark shoot.  It is done with a shotgun and requires a little skill and a lot of luck.

The will be one main event and several side matches.

The main event costs $25 and will be for 64 shooters only.  All shooters in the main event will use a shotgun, and shells we supply.  The object of the game is to shoot one round and have a pellet closer to the center of the card than your competition.  The 64 shooters will shoot man vs. man leaving only 32, who will shoot man vs. man leaving only 16 and so on until there is only one shooter left.  The winner will keep the shotgun, which will be brand new at the beginning of the day, and $100 cash.  The last guy he beats will get $200 cash.  The previous two eliminated each get $75.

But wait, there's more... The 32 losers of the very first round will enter a second "consolation" bracket where they will whittle themselves down to a winner who receives $100 cash, and the last guy he beats gets $50.

We will also be running several side matches where you may use our guns or your own depending on the rules of each match.  They will cost varying amounts and the prizes will be cash.

It is best to sign up for the main event ahead of time.  Once we have 64 paid shooters that match is filled.  To get that done you can either try to catch Howard or Gary at a meeting or event prior to Feb 9th or you can mail a check for $25 made to "York Izaak Walton #67" to:
Howard C Thompson
53 N Main St
Stewartstown PA 17363
Enclose your email or phone number if you want a confirmation.

You may not sign up for side matches in advance.

Please bring eye and ear protection.

Frequently asked questions:
- Do I have to bring a gun?  No, but you can.
- Do I have to bring ammo?  No, and we'd prefer you didn't.

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what time will we start?