Thursday, February 20, 2014

June Multi-gun application is now available

Here is the link to our application for our big multi-gun match in June.  We expect it to fill up so don't delay getting your application and fee in.

A couple questions that have come up already:

1. Can we shoot in a single day?  Yes, either Saturday or Sunday. 

2. Should we enclose a check with our entry fee if we plan on working the match?  Yes, everyone pays full price up front, even if they plan on working.

3. What if we want to help?   We'd love to have your help.  The plan is that we will all work one day and shoot the other.   Twp staff per stage if possible.  When you shoot you shouldn't have to worry about the match administration as well.  We will provide lunch to you on the day you shoot and reimburse you $60 for a full day of help.  I'll be in touch with your working and shooting schedule well ahead of time.

4. Will squad requests be honored?  As much as possible.  Write them on your application. If I need you to shoot on another day I'll contact you and we'll work it out.  We can't all shoot on the same day.

5. Will Greg be shooting?  Yes, and Dean said he will be there, and probably some other great shooters too.  Classify yourselves accordingly.  But remember to aim high.  

6. How much money goes into the prize pool?  I'm figuring about $50 out of the $100 entry fee will go towards the prizes.  The choose your own class system worked very well last year so this year we're going to do some really nice payouts.  Every class will get paid very nicely.  New for this year:  No classes in Limited and Open.  This divisions will pay top down.  There just aren't enough people in them for the class system to work.

7. What if I don't own all three guns?  Then you better buy or borrow some.  You will need a centerfire rifle (223 or better), shotgun (20 ga or better) and handgun (9mm or better) that meet the rule requirements.

8. What rules will we use?  The same ones used at the 2014 FNH Championship.  There are a few changes from last year, but nothing major.  If you need the rules email me and I'll send you the document.

9. Will the stages be published ahead of time?  That is our intent.  Not publishing stages ahead of time is lazy and gives the insiders an unfair advantage.  They're not done yet.  I'll email them out to registered competitors and publish them on our blog when they are complete. I'm thinking probably late April.


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