Tuesday, March 18, 2014

FunShoot Mystery Solved

Here is the plan for Saturday:

Pit 1:  Enough steel to shoot Man-on-Man or just hose it yourself.  Pistol/shotgun/pistol caliber carbine.
Pit 2:  PPC, Bulleseye and a "scatter shoot".  Pistol / Carbine / shotgun slug


Pit 3: The rifle range: a Shotgun/rifle stage!  Yes, this is a first for the FunShoot.  I envision shotgun shot to 30 yards and slugs out to 100 yards.  Rifle from 50 to 200 yards.  This stage can be shot shotgun only or rifle only if that is what you want.

Stage 1 can be shot with any combination of Pistol/shotgun/pistol caliber carbine you wish.
Stage 2 is no shot, but you can use any combination of slugs, pistol and pistol caliber carbine or rifle
Stage 3 is shotgun and/or rifle only, no pistol.

Carbine is a pistol caliber carbine, be it 9mm, .40,. 45 or .22 rimfire
Rifle is a center fire, "high power" rifle in .223, .308, 7.62 etc.

Whatever you bring, we will work it out.



Howard C. Thompson said...

Be sure your ammo, particularly rifle ammo is not steel core, penetrator (i.e. 62gr.)or any construction that may damage our steel.

Robert Tumb. said...

Thanks Gary and Howard for doing the rifle part this month. Mary and Sam really enjoyed it and it did a lot to help them get more into the rifle aspect.

Gary S said...

Maybe, just maybe, we can do more of it.......

Unknown said...

Wish I had seen this earlier!! Yes! Please do more 3Gun style stuff with the funshoots!

Gary S said...

Wish I had seen this earlier, we do 3 gun stuff at every FunSh

And who are you, Mr Anon...?