Sunday, November 2, 2014

November Action Matches

This month's Action Match will be 5 stages, with about 124 rounds minimum almost entirely on falling steel targets (there will be 4 static targets, 120 falling steel, and no paper). 9mm will be the minimum caliber for this match.  No 22lr.  

Although it is designed primarily as a shotgun/pistol multi-gun match you will be allowed to shoot pistol only, shotgun only, and pistol caliber carbine only.  I believe there will be a large contingent of carbine only shooters this match.  Kirk and I are shooting carbine and we challenge all comers. Bragging rights are at stake.

The fee will be $25.   There will only be one time slot 9:00 am.   This match will probably fill very quickly.  It is the last match of the year and we are only taking 50 shooters.

For this match if you wish to sign up you may email us at with your name, which gun and/or guns you wish to use, your division, and anyone you wish to be squadded with.   

You may shoot one of the following options:

A - Shotgun and Pistol multi-gun - divisions include Limited, and Open (as defined by the FNH 2014 rules) -  expect about 60 rounds of pistol, 60 rounds of shot, and 4 slugs minimum.

B - Carbine (standard pistol calibers) only - divisions include Optically Sighted or Iron Sighted.   Magnification doesn't matter.  No mag restrictions in either division.  Suppressors are allowed in either division but we recommend shooting supersonic ammo so the timers pick up the shots - expect about 124 rounds minimum.  If you're not sure what qualifies as pistol caliber email me.

C - Pistol only - divisions include Open, Limited, L10, Production (10 round mags), Single Stack, and Revolver (as defined by USPSA) - expect about 124 rounds minimum.

D - Shotgun only - for you gluttons for punishment/ those getting ready for Shotgun World Shoot - divisions include Limited and Open (as defined by the FNH 2014 rules, and Modified as in the World Shoot Rules) - expect about 120 rounds of shot and 4 slugs minimum.

Please don't sign up so hurriedly that you forget to check your calendar.  Persistent no-shows will be dealt with severely.

You should get a confirmation email within a day or two at most, H-

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