Thursday, November 13, 2014

2015 Points Series at Izaak Walton - Updates in blue font

In 2015 we'll be running a point series.  We've never done it before, but we have some good ideas and we're going to give it a try.  We invite everyone who shoots our club regularly to join in on the fun.

There is now a facebook page for the series.  It is York IWLA Point Series.
 Link to Facebook page

To register for the point series you will need to pay a $20 fee.  You can pay it at any time, but our stats guy won't start keeping your points until you have paid your registration fee.  I suggest you pay it well ahead of time.

The matches that will count towards the point series are April through September.  That gives us 6 matches.  Your best 5 will count.

You will have to shoot Tactical Optics that entire season if you want to earn points.  It's just too confusing to use every combination of the guns we allow you to shoot at York.  The vast majority of our shooters shoot Tac Ops anyway.

Points will be awarded each match as follows.
1st Place = 20 points
2nd Place = 19 points
3rd Place = 18 points
and so on down to 20th place which receives only 1 point

Using your best 5 matches you could score a maximum of 100 points if you win 5.  That probably won't happen, but who knows.   I think you could get in with as few as 20 points total, so a lot of our regulars have a chance to make it to the top 16.

I've done some math, prove me wrong if you can, I could be, but, I figure if you get:
38 points or more you make the top 16
42 points or more you make the top 15
46 points or more you make the top 14
50 points or more you make the top 13
55 points or more you make the top 12
59 points or more you make the top 11
63 points or more you make the top 10
67 points or more you make the top 9
74 points or more you make the top 8
75 points or more you make the top 7
80 points or more you make the top 6
84 points or more you make the top 5
88 points or more you make the top 4
92 points or more you make the top 3
96 points or more you make the top 2
100 points and you are #1 guaranteed

In the case of ties, which are very possible, the shooter with the highest single match placement wins the tie.  The second tiebreaker will be second highest single match placement.  the third tiebreaker will be coin flip.

Only people in the Point Series count.  If someone comes in and wins or whatever they don't matter.

Sometime after we have match results each month we'll post the point updates on this blog.

After the end of the Point Series we will have a head to head shoot off, 3 Gun Nation style, for the top 16 point earners to determine how prizes will be awarded.  This will likely occur early in October.  We have not scheduled it yet, but we'll be sure to avoid Blue Ridge 3 Gun etc.

Rifle, pistol and shotgun will be used for the shoot-off.  Details will be posted in advance to all potential participants.

In the event a shooter(s) can't make the shoot-off we will attempt to bring in the next ranked shooter(s) to fill the lowest seed(s).  If any seeds go unfilled the highest ranked shooters may be given first round byes.

All of the registration fees collected will be used for prizes.  We're also seeking match, series, and shoot off sponsors and hope to add to the prize table.

The prize table will be designed with very little drop off from 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, etc. and we intend to provide prizes all the way down to 16th place.

If you'd like to be a sponsor please comment, and we'll get with you about it.  We're not looking for massive donations.  This is mostly a fun thing.  Bragging rights will mean more than prizes potentially.

The Point Series is now full.  Interest was much greater than expected.  We can't take any more shooters without sacrificing match quality just to make room for more shooters each month.  Payments postmarked by 12/16/14 will be accepted.  Anything postmarked afterwards will not.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


George D said...

Looking forward to this and my 16th place finish! Thank you H and everyone else involved with this points series.

Howard C. Thompson said...

Give credit to Kevin Downing for taking over stats for this thing and Buddy Knight for being the Sponsor Coordinator.

Dave W said...

So you're saying that eventually this is going to be a field of 16 horses, like the Kentucky Derby. I'm smelling a great opportunity for side betting for mortals like myself: win/place/show/trifecta etc. That will keep interest up for all of us outside of the sweet 16. Ball busting encouraged, sabotage forbidden, and cheerleaders up to each individual!

Howard C. Thompson said...

Yes, everyone will be eligible to start the season, but at the conclusion there will be only 16 going to the man-on-man shoot-off. I believe if you had a few finishes in the top 25 or so this year you have a chance to make the top 16 next year.

I predict that:
- If you're really good a couple top finishes is all you need to get in. - If you're average and are consistent you'll get in too. I'll bet it only takes 25 points to qualify at 16th. That's five 15th place finishes at the monthly matches.

Once you make it in anything can happen. The best shooters don't always win shoot-offs.

And yes, you and your associates could use our point system for your own reasons. i.e. who buys lunch etc. or "Fantasy 3 Gun" (like fantasy football)

Kevin Downing said...

Fantasy 3 gun......hmmmmmm

Mike Stephens said...

What if you only shoot 3 or 4 matches, but make the top 16 in points? Does that mean no shoot-off?

Buddy K said...

If your in the top 16 you're in the shoot off.

Kevin Downing said...

Yep doesn't matter how many you shoot if you can get enough points in 3 your still in

Bernie R said...

Can we come up with a name for this series like the "2015 Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship"?

Eddie Gunks said...

I am in. Money inbound

Gary S said...

This is going to be grand.
Thanks guys for pulling it together.

Matt Olinchak said...

Are the match dates going to be the same weekend every month? Just trying to plan ahead. I'm in!

Howard C. Thompson said...

We shoot the second Sunday of the month, except May. We'll shoot 1st Sunday in May to avoid Mother's Day.