Saturday, July 23, 2016

FN Set up August 21st

If anyone is interested in going to Peacemaker for set up on August 21st please let me know.  You do not have to be FN staff or even be shooting the match.

We'll be starting out there about 9:00 am and working until 4:00 pm or so at the latest.  We're setting up some stages in advance, stapling targets, moving some stuff around and preparing for the main set up on the 27th and 28th. I won't work anyone to death.  A lot of what we'll do is planning and measuring for the following weekend.

If you'd like to ride along in my truck I'll have a seat for you.

- If you're shooting you'll see the stages before anyone else, and have some input into their design.
- For every 1/2 day worked you get an entry into the staff drawing for several guns.
- If you've never been to Peacemaker it's worth seeing.
- It'll be good practice setting up a match.
- I'll buy you lunch, maybe dinner, water, gatorade, maybe even beer.
- I'll tell you the secret of 3 gun on the way back.  The one Greg told Kevin.
- I don't forget people who help me.

If you want to help on the main weekend, the 27th and 28th I can use help then too, but I can't promise a ride back.  Each of those days, besides the usual ticket for 1/2 day worked we have a gun to give away each evening just for those who helped that day.

On another note, that match is full, but if you want to work the match I can get you in as staff. I'm kind of in charge.  No experience is necessary, but you will need to take off from the 30th of August to the 3rd of September.  We take care of our staff too.  Very well.

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