Sunday, July 10, 2016


The results are up.  They've actually been up since about 3:30.  You can always find them by searching "York".  I always use that as the first word in our match name on practiscore.

Thanks for coming out today.

Here you go:


Dave W said...

Great match (as always). My fondest memory was watching a perfect storm of all of the laws of physics conspire against our own Paul Norkowski on the 'death star'. Don't know how on earth he did it, but he got it spinning so fast we thought there was a motor in it:)

Anonymous said...

Really liked the simplicity of two guns per stage. Easier for dummies like me. And the yellow paint for rifle steel much more visible than the orange paint we used to use.

Paul said...

Definitely liked the yellow paint on the small rifle steel, much easier to see!!