Monday, August 1, 2016

New accessory warning

So I just found out about this thing: And it is really cool, but let me warn you: If you use it as a supporting device in any division other than Open (like use it to shoot prone off of) you will be moved to Open at York or FN.

You will not be able to use it at the start either.  All of the descriptions say "gun lying flat on staging table".  Up on this thing is not flat.  If the RO tells you no, and he should, that is cool.  If somehow you get away with it and I find out I will add a 60 second penalty to your time for violating rule "If it is determined by the Range Master that a participant started a stage in a position other than that as stated in the stage description, a procedural penalty shall be applied and if the opinion of the range master a competitive advantage was gained a 60 second procedural penalty shall be applied. Either penalty shall be applied without consideration of the participant being given a reshoot."

I may also tell you that stages will be designed so there is no advantage to magazines over 30 rounds in rifles.  Either they will require far less, or have plenty of time to do a reload without any disadvantage.

Spend your money on practice ammo instead.

And spread the word to your friends.  I don't want a lot of disappointed people at our matches.


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