Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017 Keystone Munitions Point Series hosted by York IWLA #67

The series is full.  Please do not expect to get in if you haven't previously mailed your entry in.  Sorry.

You may now sign up for the 2017 Keystone Munitions Point Series hosted by York IWLA #67.   There are only 60 slots available for the point series.  I expect it to fill very quickly.  I will be going by post mark to determine who is in and who is on the waiting list.   The last two years were very successful.  It was fun and made our matches much more interesting, and our very generous sponsors and great competition gave the shoot-off at the end a bit of real excitement.

We’re making some changes for this year:
- There will still be 6 matches, April through September, but only 3 will count.  You may use your best 3 of the 6, or you may miss 3 without penalty.
- None of the component matches are included in the Point Series entry fees, but you will get an early chance to sign up for the matches so you don't get shut out (with the exception of June, and those apps are already out).
- The point structure will change a little.  Most matches will be 6 stages and thus worth 60 points.  The June match or Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship will be 7 stages and be valued at 65 points, making it slightly more important.  If we have any 5 stage matches (due to weather or circumstances beyond our control) they will be worth only 55 points.
- The entry fee for the Point Series will be $100, and does not include any entries to individual matches.  This will give us additional funds for supplementing the Point Series prize table and for Shoot-Off payouts.
- The prize table will be for the Point Series (not the Shoot-Off) and everyone in the Point Series will be eligible for prizes in order of finish.  Prizes will be given to everyone who participates in order of finish first to last. If you can’t be there someone will be allowed to pick for you.
- Shoot-Off prizes will be cash, and will be generous.  We have not determined the exact structure of payouts yet, but the Point Series and Shoot-Off are to be 100% payback.  We won’t keep any of this money for the club.
- The top 16 Point Series finishers will be invited to take part in the Shoot-Off, as will the top 2 Seniors, Super Seniors, Ladies, and Juniors.

We have already heard back from a lot of sponsors this year.  Many of last year’s sponsors are returning, and we have some new ones already.  If you have a lead on any others who may be interested in sponsoring our Point Series please let me or Sponsor Coordinator George Dorbert know as soon as possible.  Every year the prize table is a little more impressive and we want to eclipse it again this year.

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