Monday, January 23, 2017

January 2017 FunShoot!

No advance registration required, just show up.
Max .22 velocity is 1300 fps.

Yep, we gonna do it. This Saturday January 28th, York will be hosting a FunShoot. I'm thinking of a hybrid, some rimfire only, and some centerfire only.....

Some of you may know of the debut of Howard's latest brainchild, egg shooting with .22rimfire. No not eggs FunShoot style, but steel targets the size and shape of eggs.

We had a trial run this past weekend, and now it is up to the FunShooters to show how it is done.
There are 10 knockdown targets in each array, and they are engaged at a variety of seemingly achievable distances. We will setup several arrays.
The eggs are .22 rimfire, standard velocity only.

Then for the pistol caliber centerfire folks, there is a pit with our plate racks on them, and maybe the tree.
And then probably a pit with an old fashioned stake shoot (two boards sticking up in the air, 2 shooters or teams of shooters, the first stake to be shot in half and fall wins).
Pistol caliber handguns and carbines, and shotguns. Bring slugs for the stake shoot.....

Feel free to bring it all, and play all rim and centerfire pits.

Start time 10 am, fee $20. We will shoot til we drop.

I will have a setup at 3 pm on Friday the 27th. The pits are mostly bare, from winter maintenance, so the size of this event will be directly proportional the the number of folks that show up Friday afternoon......



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