Sunday, March 5, 2017

March 12th Match

This match is now full.  If you'd like to get on the waiting list you may still email.  If you are in you should have gotten an email saying so by now. 
Our Sunday, March 12th match is not a point series match.  It will be an easy, fast season starter match and a different kind of thing.  You may shoot either pistol, pistol caliber carbine, or shotgun.  There will be no provision for multiple guns.  Pick one and stick with it.  

The match fee will be $30, and expect a round count of between 150 and 180 rounds for Pistol or PCC.  If you're shooting shotgun expect around 100 rounds of birdshot and 12 slugs minimum.

To sign up email  with your name, anyone you'd like to be squadded with, and division.  You should receive a confirmation with more details within a day or two.

Division choices are:
PCC Lim - like our rifle rules for Lim.  One optic with no magnification, 30 rounds in mags after the start signal, etc.
PCC TO - like our rifle rules for TO.  One optic, magnification allowed, 30 rounds in mags after the start signal, etc.
PCC Open - like our rifle rules for Open. Multiple optics, unlimited magazine capacity.

Limited Pistol - Think TO or Lim 3 Gun or USPSA Limited without the power factor.  Iron sights and 140mm mags.
Open Pistol - Think 3 Gun or USPSA Open without the power factor.  Scopes and 170mm mags.

Limited Shotgun - like our 3 gun rules for TO or Lim.
Open Shotgun - Anything else.  

Others?  If you see a niche you want a division for let me know, but no calibers smaller than 9mm.

Please use only the address to sign up for matches.  If you reply to this one, and I'm away and whoever checks the yorksignup email doesn't get your email you're going to miss the match.

Remember everyone gets only one no show a year without penalty.  Don't hesitate to sign up if you want to shoot because our matches fill up quickly, but if you can't make it be sure to let us know by midnight Thursday night so we can give someone else the opportunity.  The first time you no-show us we can forgive you, but the second time you automatically go to the waiting list.  Then if the match isn't full or someone drops out you might get in.  You will be notified the Friday before the match to tell you if you are in.  This is regardless who you are or even if you're in the point series.

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