Sunday, March 12, 2017

Match Results

Here's the results for all you diehards who braved the cold today.  We'll try to have better weather for April.  Real 3 gun is coming!

If you'd like the excel with stage times email me.  Howard

Kevin Downing PCC Lim 146.29
Lou Levy PCC Lim 152.41
Rob Burkindine PCC Lim 195.86
Marty Kalister PCC Lim 230.81
Leroy Konen PCC Lim 247.97
Paul Nowotarski PCC Lim 250.25
Bill Lehman PCC Lim 259.57
Jimmy Scheler PCC Lim 270.95
Bill Hostler PCC Lim 319.10
Rick Zapf PCC Lim 546.05
Natalie Webb PCC TO 229.04
Joe Pitha Pistol Lim 130.09
Rick Fox Pistol Lim 158.27
Shawn Barto Pistol Lim 166.49
Bob Schmelz Pistol Lim 168.11
Mike Stephens Pistol Lim 179.27
Garrett Boop Pistol Lim 187.42
Connor Senft Pistol Lim 204.91
Jeremy Bruner Pistol Lim 206.43
Chris Webb Pistol Lim 213.14
Scott Harper Pistol Lim 234.84
Gary Swope Pistol Lim 249.11
Dave Williams Pistol Lim 249.35
Greg Senft Pistol Lim 256.06
Robert Tumberlinson Pistol Lim 288.47
Allen Evler Pistol Lim 289.44
Joanni Shaeffer Pistol Lim 344.01
Joe Curtis Pistol Lim 415.73
Spencer Peyton Pistol Lim 430.39
Neil Strand Pistol Lim 443.27
Paul Scarborough Pistol Lim 503.90
Christine Evans Pistol Lim 1003.26
Brian Shank Pistol Open 206.63
Rick Torres Shotgun Lim 158.36
Mike Sherman Shotgun Lim 171.09
Dave Marques Shotgun Lim 181.08
John Robina Shotgun Lim 191.70
Dan Eby Shotgun Lim 229.79
Paul Weichec Shotgun Lim 239.38
Norbert Langer Shotgun Lim 293.42
Kerry Woods Shotgun Lim 321.44
Richard France Shotgun Lim 373.33
Josh Metz Shotgun Lim 561.63

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