Sunday, June 24, 2018

Egg Shoot Results

Well, you can tell by the time I'm posting the results that the Egg Shoot went quickly!  Set up took about 10 minutes if you include putting canopies in place. We couldn't start shooting until 9:00 am per range rules and squads were finishing up by 10:00 am.  Tear down took even less than 10 minutes.  We beat any chance of getting rained on, and even got out of there before it could get hot.

Even though this is a simple match everyone agreed that it is not easy, but it was a lot of fun.  Challenging, but enjoyable. I think a lot of people will be be much better prepared for the next one.   Being sighted in properly is extremely important.  Knowing where to aim at certain distances is equally important.  Of course all of the basics like proper sight alignment, trigger squeeze and follow through cannot be underestimated.  This is truly an accuracy sport.  I expect a lot of the guys who shot today will see great improvement next time.  I've even heard talk of equipment upgrades from some of the people who were there today.

Speaking of which, the next Egg Shoot will be on Saturday, August 4th, and there will be another Saturday, October 20th.  You can also expect at least 4 of them in 2019.

Without further ado here are the results:

Howard Thompson  P I 28
Mark Cooper  P I 25
Dave Williams  P I 23
Tom Levenhagen  P I 21
Allen Evler  P I 11
John Faroane  P I 5
Andy Faroane  P I 3
Greg Senft P R 27
Grant Senft P R 26
Joe Clark P R 22
Andrew Senft P R 16
Paul Mason P R 12
Howard Thompson  R M 38
Dave Ragland  R M 22
Phil Matte    R M 19
Harley Green   R M 17
Chet Wise  R M 12
Paul Scarborough R R 20
Jeff Patton R R 18
Joe Clark R R 18
Paul Mason R R 2

PI = Pistol Iron Sights
PR = Pistol Red Dot

RM = Rifle Magnified Optic
RR = Rifle Red Dot


Mark Cooper said...

Was definitely challenging and a lot of fun. If you think you can shoot you should come out and try this. It will humble you.
Easy match to take part in. Between shooting and tear down it was only an hour and a half. So you can shoot, be done and go out to breakfast and still have the rest of the day to do what you want.

Greg Senft said...

The Egg Shoot was a blast, it was quick, and simple to execute, but not simple to shoot.

I'm on board for doing more of these. Looking at the schedule, I don't see any more for this year. If there is sufficient interest, can we squeeze in some more?