Sunday, September 30, 2018

Falling Steel Results 2

A few changes have been made to the original post.  Some of which were very important.  While making them I found another way to sort results.  I thought this was interesting too.  It's kind of an overall results with all divisions combined.  Separated by individual and team.

Name I/T Div Total
Gary Swope I PCC 81.97
Gary Guilmette I PCC 85.72
Tony Rosenzweig I PCC 89.22
Matthew Hill I PCC 89.26
Paul Nowotarski I PCC 94.29
Ken Jankowitz I PCC 94.61
Brad Sweimler I PCC 96.38
Brad Sweimler I PCC 99.42
George M Drummond I PCC 99.81
Brian Ferguson I PCC 100.44
Jeff Willi I PCC 100.82
Alex Meier I PCC 102.26
Kyle Sams I O 170 108.05
Joe Curtis I PCC 108.42
Spencer Peyton I PCC 108.76
Natalie Webb I PCC 114.94
Jimmy Scheler I PCC 116.30
Jim Bruzdzunski I PCC 121.76
Phil Gray I O 170 124.47
George R Drummond I PCC 127.60
Greg Harle I PCC 141.32
Bill Coleman I O 170 143.70
Kevin Downing I SA140 147.01
John Drummond I PCC 169.11
Marty Kalister I PCC 177.22
Jimmy Scheler I SA140 177.98
Chris Lombardo I TO Shot 180.83
Greg Harle I O 170 180.85
Matthew Faulkner I PCC 181.65
Grant Senft I TOSC 186.12
Colin Wynne I SA140 186.68
Greg Senft I TOSC 197.06
Matthew Hill I TO Shot 198.01
Tim Montler I TO Shot 198.41
Spencer Peyton I O 170 198.58
Danny Montler I PCC 200.76
Rachael Granico I SA140 201.08
Brian Ferguson I SA140 201.82
Dave Williams I SA140 205.30
Bill Moussiaux I OA 217.87
Spencer Peyton I SA140 244.86
Connor Senft I TOSC 248.05
Owen Almony I PCC 256.20
Paul Scarborough I SA140 261.98
Alex Meier I SA140 273.78
Marty Kalister I SA 352.97
Kim Moussiaux I SA140 395.00
Mike Henry I SA140 580.22
Zack Appelbaum I SA 660.76
Tim and Matt T PCC 43.92
Chris and Tyler T TOSC 49.65
Lou and Gary T PCC 52.06
Kirk and Howard T PCC 53.41
Rob and Lou T TO Shot 56.46
Ken and Peter T OSC 56.56
Greg and Angie T OSC 56.98
Kyle and Bill T OSC 57.66
Peter and Chris T PCC 59.21
Danny and Tim T PCC 59.85
Colin and Rachael T TOSC 63.55
Jim and Rob T PCC 68.93
Howard and Tab T PCC 69.08
Lee and Dave T PCC 69.44
Joe and Will T TOSC 76.22
Joe and Will T PCC 78.34
LeRoy and Steve T TOSC 81.36
Joe and Kirk T O 170 82.51
Jay and Bob T PCC 83.12
Lou and Grace T TOSC 85.20
Phil and Tom T PCC 91.87
Paul and Allen T SA140 91.95
Bill and Bret T PCC 91.97
Logan and Justin T OA 97.19
Ken and Ryan T TOSC 99.09
Chris and Jean T PCC 101.65
Curtis and Issac T OA 103.73
Skeeter and Howard T OSC 103.82
Chris and Jean T O 170 111.45
Jay and Bob T TOSC 115.29
Linda and Scott T O 170 124.94
Jeremy and John T TOSC 136.53
Jeff and Scott T SA140 157.31
Steve and John T SA 196.48
Nancy and Sarah T SA140 310.23

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