Tuesday, November 20, 2018

November FunShoot

This Saturday, the 24th of November, we will be hosting out monthly FunShoot.  Expect 5 stages, about 20 targets/stage.

Boilerplate follows:

This is a casual, free form shoot. I will present shooters with targets, it is up to the shooter to decide how best to engage them, as long as it is done in a safe manner.

On any stage, you can run any one or combination of two of the following guns; standard pistol caliber handgun, standard pistol caliber carbine or shotgun (7 1/2 lead shot or smaller). You may bring all 3 (or more) to the shoot, and you can change the choice of guns on different stages, but only two guns max per stage.

There will be a setup this Friday (the 23rd)  afternoon at 3 pm am. Any help is appreciated, it should take less than an hour.

Registration starts around 8:15 am Saturday, safety brief about 8:45, shooting soon thereafter. We should be done by 12-1pm-ish.

Cost is $20 for adults, $5 for kids under 18.

York is a cold range. Unloaded firearms are carried around the range holstered, boxed, bagged, slung, carted or in a sock. Long guns require a chamber flag, and they will be for sale.

Bring family and friends, we are very new shooter and kid friendly. Spectators are welcome!

Everyone on the range MUST WEAR EYE PROTECTION WITH SIDE SHIELDS. We will be shooting steel, and it creates little flying bits of metal that can hit you on occasion. There will be eye protection for sale.



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