Saturday, January 5, 2019

Plate Rack Challenge Results

The weather held out just enough.  I think everyone had a good time.  The match was fast, and simple but challenging.  Thanks to all of you who came out.  If you want more complete results email me at

Name Division Total
Phil Gray Open 46.42
Peter Miller Open 73.56
Scott Sarine Open 96.57
George Drummond Open 133.77
Don Vetter Open 140.77
Joe Curtis PCC 50.55
Paul Nowotarski PCC 56.33
Phil Matte PCC 59.47
Tom Levenhagen PCC 88.72
Howard Thompson Stock 46.82
Jeff Willi Stock 62.54
Lou Levy Stock 62.73
Chris Webb Stock 75.19
Tom Symonds Stock 77.60
Grant Senft Stock 81.86
Dave Williams Stock 81.97
Nancy Webb Stock 93.58
Greg Senft Stock 96.77
Justin Hartman Stock 97.84
Aaron Lewis Stock 170.00
Neil Strand Stock 186.87
Jacob Tacka Stock 209.14
John Faraone Stock 216.29
Andrew Senft Stock 291.35

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Howard C. Thompson said...

Here's alink to a video one of the guys on my squad took of one of my runs at 9 yards. It was pretty quick. Thanks to Tom for sending it to me.