Sunday, July 5, 2020

7.26.20 22LR Precision Match

The Rimfire Precision Match (RPM) has its roots in PRS style centerfire matches. The competitor will be firing at a mix of both reactive steel and paper targets at distances from 15 up to 200 yards. A match consists of several stages and the target presentations will vary on every stage. Firing positions may include standing, kneeling, prone, barricade, and improvised field positions. Stages are timed and the time limit (par time) may be different for each stage depending on the challenge presented. Targets sizes will vary from as small as 1 MOA up to 8 MOA.

The match link is below. You'll need to register for practiscore to signup and it's free to setup.

  Email me if you have any questions about the match.

 Lou Levy

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