Saturday, December 18, 2021

Long Range Egg Shoot Saturday, January 1st

On Saturday, January 1st we will be hosting a Long Range Egg Shoot.  This is the one on the rifle range where you use a 22lr to shoot egg size, and shaped steel at 50. 75, 100 and 125 yards from the benches.  Do not underestimate these targets.  The eggs are about 2" tall.  We've had people see how hard this is and quit.  But if you have a decent 22lr and know your dope this is really fun, quick and requires some skill.  It's a perfect starter sport for those wanting to shoot 22lr PRS and good practice for those who do.

When you sign up at you will be assigned a specific time sometime after 9:00 am and you will be expected to be there 20 minutes before your start time to prep your gear, and check in.  You will get your time in the reply to your sign up email.  The match fee is $20.  At your designated time you will shoot 50 yards.  A few minutes later you will shoot 75 yards, and so on.  So theoretically you may be on the range for as little as 30 minutes.  Of course you're welcome to come earlier, and stay as long as you want to watch, but if it is cold you won't have to suffer as long.  That being said we will need spotters so everyone can't just shoot and scoot.  Plan on helping a little if you don't mind.

Everyone has a scheduled time so you being a no show or late has no remedy and will be greatly frowned upon.

I have a two page document with some tips for beginners that may be of interest to you.  If you'd like a copy of that, and/or you'd like to sign up email me at


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