Saturday, January 1, 2022

Egg Shoot results

I think everyone had a great New Year's Day, and I think we all stayed dry despite the constant showers.  Thanks for all your help.

We will be shooting long range eggs again Saturday, February 5th.  I've already thought of a few things to make it more efficient.  Expect the post to sign up about a week before.  This is part of the monthly fun shoot series, and is just a laid back good time.  If you have an accurate 22lr you should come shoot.

Congratulations to Don Vetter for some pretty good shooting.  He only had 5 misses across the 40 eggs out to 125 yards.

These scores are out of a possible 260 points.

Don Vetter 255

Lou Levy 252

Dave W 251

Josh H 246

Carly H 245

Celia M 243

Howard T 243

Jeff W 241

Josh G 241

Vaughn R 233

Greg H 206

Gary S 185

Harley G 167

Phil M 135

Rob M 90

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