Saturday, May 24, 2008


So here it is Saturday morning at 7:20a. I'm pullin into the IKES wonderin how I am gonig to get it all together without Mark to help run the show. I've been up here this week doing prep work, and I've allready eliminated a 2 stage pit, am willing to cut out another, and hope I can find enough squad leaders. I don't even have the shack opened up, and in pulls Ian and Steve. We get things opened up and Steve proceeds to change all the cardboard on pit 2 (it realy needed it). Ian throws his back into it and we get the pin table up, and the closet unloaded for supplies, and head to the back. Meanwhile, Chet and Bernie show, and Chet gets a crew, and proceedes to do a wonderful job of getting Pit 1 setup with Clays and pins. Clyde and a few others show for the finishing touches, and we are ready by 9:00 am! Thanks guys! I really needed the help, and I got it. It makes the work I put into these shoots so much more rewarding. It also reminds me, as it should you as well, how much an integral part of the funshoots Mark is. If I didn't have his help, I am not sure how I could do it. It has been said before, and will be again, we have the best group of shooters here at the IKES you're likely to find anywhere.

That being said, here are just a few pics of things the rest of you missed.

Chet and his gang got bored, so they started drilling clays,...for the JULY shoot!

Food of the month is back!

Inspired, no, spawned, by Mark C., the lolipop tree generated it's fair share of groans, but it couldn't have been too bad, 26 shooters sent over 100 tootsies to their maker! I keep trying to make this shoot harder, and you guys still manage to to keep the scores high!

The plinkin cans didn't work out so well. Seems soda cans aren't what they were when last I plinked at 'em, the .22's went right thru, without knockin 'em over, and the wind created more than one corus of laughter, as it felled them all with one gust. If you liked this stage, save me steel soup cans and we will do it again.

Here is Mike A., a very capable young shooter, sizing up the claybirds. Remember, kids under 18 are only $5. I bet one day he kicks daddy Daves ....

All in all a good day. We had 4 new shooters, who enjoyed the day, and hopefully will be back. It slowed my squad a bit, causing some backups, but no one really seemed to care.
On a personal note, I got to play with my toy, which was of interest to many. However, I was the only one to show with something weird (figures), and the general feel I got was the folks like steel, and hate counting IPSC targets. So steel it is, no more weird gun days. It turns out, that as the day progressed, my BSA red dot scope shifted high and right, to the point that I just quit, and took a DNF for equipment failure (I figured it couldn't handle the kick of the .30 carbine cartridge). After the match, a fellow squad mate wanted to play with it, and returned a consistantly better target than I was shooting. Hmmm, was the scope shifting, or was I....
The lesson here? It's a poor musician, who blames his instrument... Make sure your game is on, before blaming the hardware. I think some investigative range time is in order.

Results will be posted at in a day or two.
Remember, no funshoot in June, sorry 'bout that. See you all in July!


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