Monday, May 26, 2008

Poll results and Area 8

The poll is closed and the results are in. I think all we can really figure from the choices made is that the majority of shooters agree with what we've been doing for the last couple years as far as our pistol matches go. That being said, I've already got our next match ready to go. It will be 8 stages for 150 rounds as designed by GM Paul Mason. He has some old-school stuff in store for you. Does anyone remember fixed time standards? Think 6 second strings.

Expect some Area 8 stuff in the next day or two. We had a bunch of York guys do quite well, and I've got a ton of video which I will be posting to YouTube. I'll put the link here when it's ready.

1 comment:

gary said...

Been watching the videos, if you think about it you can find them. Looks pretty fun, and some reasonable shooting too. Maybe I'll go next year.