Monday, June 2, 2008

June set up

GM Paul M. shown here demonstrating the kneeling position to Kevin M. is an excellent teacher. He is the chief architect of this month's match. It is an incredible looling match so far. 9 stages, 158 rounds , and several movers. Much of the stuff is harder than we normally do, but there is still a lot of really fun stuff too. He brought back some elements from the past that we haven't used in quite some time in York for this one.
Pit 5 actually has 3 six round stages. Real fast, real simple, yet real challenging.
This is from the RO briefing for pit 4. I don't know why, but this picture just cracks me up.

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Mr. Blackwell said...

Howard finds the York Pistol brutes are less than enthusiastic about his new Prada sequined shooting sneakers.