Sunday, January 11, 2009

And then they were (not so) cold

The weather turned out much better than expected, and we had a good time. 8 shoters and 2 spectators showed, we set some, ok lots of, steel and we shot at it. We had a mini PSSA going on, it was grand.

Pistols, 3 shotguns and a supressed carbine showed, and lots of steel fell.

Unfortunatly, my camera doesn't like the cold much either, so I can't show you the pics of shooters freezing, a father and son duel on the Man-to-man steel, shotguns making quick work of arrays, a carbine doing the plate rack in less than 2 seconds, or Dominating Dave beating himself on the Man-to-man stage with dueling shotguns. You had to be there to believe it. Time for a new camera...

See you next time.

Remember, funshoot in 2 weeks


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