Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monthly USPSA match cancelled....kind of

While the weather is not nice, in fact flooding is possible, and we decided to cancel our monthly USPSA match we are very hard-headed people. We have set up 4 pits worth of steel and we're going to shoot anyway. Come play if you can. Festivities start at noon. Here's Dave W. Jim S. and John Z. enjoying the weather and lugging steel around simultaneously.This is most of my dedicated set up crew. Naturally I was taking the picture, and Greg and Gary were out working on a secret project. Wait until you see the surprise they have in store for you tomorrow.
The creek is always our nemesis when it rains a lot like this. Occassional flooding is part of the program at York. This is the level at 2:00pm today. It is still rising. Wish us luck.

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