Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pleasant surprise!

Greg Jordan and I went to the range today to clean up the remaining snow in the back pits and it went exceedingly well! So much so that we will be able to do 3 nice long courses with an ample amount of steel in the back pits Sunday. We still had about 6 inches of snow on those ranges and it had condensed down to almost ice, but Greg borrowed his father's skid steer and he was able to scoop it up without disturbing the stone beneath. Is he incredibly good at everything? The bonus was that the ground underneath is not frozen so we can pound nails in to hold down walls etc. We even used the machine to move the steel into it's general locations. I left the club with a totally differnt view of the match. I knew we would have one, but now I know it will be a QUALITY one!

Be sure to thank Greg when you see him. We couldn't have done it without him.

Also, don't forget that we set the clocks forward one hour Saturday night. If you show up late because you're a goofball I'm going to point it out at the match briefing.

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