Friday, February 4, 2011

February 13th Stake Shoot

It's a litle early to announce our next shoot, but this weather has me down and I want to shoot so bad I'm going to tell you about it anyway.

On February 13th the York Izaak Walton will host a stake shoot. This event will cost $10 per shooter, $5 for juniors. It will be a centerfire pistol only shoot and holsters and mag pouches will not be required if the weather is below 40 degrees. If it is cold, and it likely will be, we'll shoot from low ready and do our reloads off the table. Bring plenty of mags. 4 to 6 would probably be good.

There will be no prizes for this shoot. It will be just an excuse to get out and blow the rust out of our guns. Here's how it works: Show up BEFORE 11:00am. We'll figure out a pretty fair way (I have something in mind)to draw 3 or 4 man teams (depends on how many guys we have)then we will shoot 2x4 posts in half. 2 or 3 teams at a time. Fastest team to cut their post in half wins and moves on towards the finals, and we'll do it again. We'll be using a double elimination bracket or something so you can't get eliminated after shooting just once. In fact we'll probably redraw teams and do it again. We're going to make sure everyone gets plenty of shooting in. You should bring plenty of ammo. I would think 150 would be the minimum. 400 might not be too many if you play more than once.

If you've never done a stake shoot you can't imagine how much fun it is, and how quickly you can blow through a box of ammo.

This is a great shoot for the unexperienced competitor too. it is not necessary to have a safety check for this shoot and we will be performing safety checks for future USPSA matches on this day. If you need a safety check bring holsters and mag pouches no matter how cold. We'll keep it brief.

There is no advance sign up for this shoot. Just be sure to be at the range BEFORE 11:00am.

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