Sunday, February 13, 2011

Stake shoot

Great weather, great comraderie, and a great waste of ammunition. I think that pretty well sums up today. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves as we took on the 2x4 army. 30 people showed up and we shot thousands of rounds as we worked our way through a double elimination bracket tournament where 4 man teams went head to head against each other to break their board in half with pistol fire before the oppostion. In about an hour it came down to two teams. Bernie, Ben, Logan, and Robert out of the losers bracket versus Brian, Jim, Greg, and Howard. The challengers who had fought through the losers bracket bested the winners bracket champs not once, but twice to claim the victory.Here is a freak photo of one of the stakes falling to the ground still in mid air. Notice the snow being kicked up to the right side of the photo where the bullets were impacting after passing through the other teams stake.
To see video of the final round follow this link Stake Shoot Video

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