Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Spring 3 man 3 gun

We finally got a date set for the Spring 3 man 3 gun. It's not perfect (there's a conflict with Fredericksburg's monthly USPSA match) but it's the best we could do. There's just so much going on at York Izaak Walton in the spring.

That date will be Sunday, April 3rd. Applications are available at and you can type right onto the pdf. Then just print it and mail it and your check as instructed on the form. Slots will be extremely limited for this match and we expect it to fill quickly. Don't hesitate to get your team together and get your stuf in the mail.

We are also going to publish the stages ahead of time to allow you to strategize if you like. They should be up in a day or two.

This match will be a great warm-up for Topton's 3 man 3 gun in June. I hear there are still a couple slots left for that, but you better hurry.


Rob said...

The stages are now posted. I'm planning revenge for the invading hordes of juice jugs.

JohnnyBmore said...

Can a team shoot with a saiga 7.62x39 & a s12 ??

wanted to run my 1911 & two saigas ..

Howard C. Thompson said...

Yes. As long as 7.62x39 is not steel core which we will disqualify you for. Steel core would damage our steel targets. Saiga shotguns are legal in Outlaw with the big mags or drums, and the other divisions if they meet the division requirements.