Sunday, May 22, 2011

May Fun Shoot

Ok, I'm not the real Fun Shoot Match Director, and I'm sure he'll post the real Fun Shoot plug here in the next day or two, but I want to tell all you USPSA shooters something. I've been saying for years what a great thing the fun shoot is. That it helps us focus on sight in, and accuracy, and trigger skills, etc. This month there is an added bonus for the competitors signed up for the Mid-Atlantic Section Championship: The walls for the back 4 stages of the MASC are up. The steel is in place. Gary is going to embed these features into the May Fun Shoot. They won't be the stages we're going to use for the MASC, but they will have certain elements in common. At the very least you'll get an idea what the dimensions of the stages will be, and you'll be able to piscture the diagrams in the actual pits. You'll know exactly how far the steel is, and what the angles of engagement of the paper will likely be. There have been a few minor changes from the diagrams and they will be known ahead of time to those who either help set them up or shoot the Fun Shoot. I'm not telling you you'll have an unfair advantage, I'm just sayin...

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