Monday, May 2, 2011

May USPSA match

The May USPSA match, SATURDAY, 5/7 will be a 7 stage pistol match with 4 classifiers. It will cost $30 with $10 per shooter going to the Wounded Warrior Project right of the top.

The match will start at 1:00pm.

To sign up email us at with your name, USPSA #, division and squadding preferences.

If you have never shot a USPSA match before you must pass a safety check. We will be doing them on match day at 11:00am.


Tom Gallup said...

The Match is FULL!!!


Rob said...

Scores are posted (and have been since last night) at:

Lee Hankey said...

Rob, What happened? Did I shoot that good that u guys were too embarrassed to report my scores. HA:)
I think I was shooter #15.
Matter of fact I had 2 numbers, #15 and #47, but we were reporting under #15.
Hope we did not loose the classifiers!!
Lee Hankey

Dave said...

Lee, did you make at least minor power factor at the chrono? If not, your scores wouldn't have counted.

Lee Hankey said...

Dave, WHAT?? That's an interesting question. Why did u ask?
Wouldn't I be DQ'd if I didn't make minor Power Factor? How is that handled if u don't make the min? I'm just a rooky u know. This is the first I have been crono'd.
My PF was 135.
Thanks for putting up my scores.
Lee H

Mark Cooper said...

No you would not have been dq'd for not making pf. You would have been shooting for fun and your scores would not count.