Friday, September 23, 2011

Nationals report

We're back, we're tired and we're busting our humps getting ready for World Shoot, but I thought I should report on Nationals. After 4 days of shootig in 100 degree heat Ben came out on top again. He won his 4th High Jumior title. He was also 14th overall, and bested many great shooters.

We leave Tuesday for the World Shoot, so we probably won't see you before we leave but I know you're behind us.


TOM L. said...

Great news!!! Have a Wonderful trip and enjoy Old Rhodes.

Tim said...

Good luck at the World Shoot. Burn it down!

Rob Leftridge said...

Great Shooting, Ben. Good Luck at the World Shoot.

ALBY said...


Cindy said...

Congratulations Ben!

Do you know where the results are posted? I can't find them?

And good luck at the World Shoot!!