Saturday, September 10, 2011

We are on for tomorrow!

All systems are go. The road is repaired, but parking is a bit trickey, do not park in the grass if at all possible, it is still very soft. If we run out of space at the range, we can park up by the trap house and walk in.

Bring bug spray, those little flying things are very hungry.

See you in the am.


Russell said...

after what i saw on friday night i can't believe you guys have a match ready for tomorrow. sorry i couldnt make it up today to help.

how bad is the mud in the back pits?

Anonymous said...

awesome to have a match after this event.

Any roads closed on the way in?

Mike Stephens said...

All roads in the vicinity of the club appear to be open. Mud is moderate to sloppy in the back but drying as we speak

Gary S said...

Not only did we get a match ready for tomorrow, but some of the staff shot the pistol part this afternoon. We have a totally awesome crew!

I would bring boots, and rags to clean mags with.

Anonymous said...

There are many spots to park at the trap building. I would highly recommend that if you don't have 4 wheel drive, you park there. There is no good spot to turn around once you get up closer to the pistol ranges and you will get stuck if you run off the road.